Thursday, July 9, 2009

VOA reports on Michael Jackson

As promised earlier this month, this blog will now highlight coverage of music and musical events by VOA reporters, and accordingly, below is a rundown of the wide range of Voice of America reports about responses to the death of Michael Jackson on 25 June.

Radio reports of reactions came from around the world:

from Catherine Maddux in Pakistan, where the news of his death saturated television channels and brought a widespread response from a broad range of fans;

from Stephanie Ho in Beijing, who reported on responses throughout East Asia;

from Africa, with Scott Stearns writing about Jackson's rich Legacy in Liberia, and in the Democratic Republic of Congo; Alisha Ryu reporting from Nairobi, Kenya, on East African responses; and Scott Bobb in Johannesburg giving the perspective from South Africa;

and from Tom Rivers in London, where Jackson had planned his much-anticipated comeback.

In the U.S., Victoria Cavaliere provided New Yorkers' reactions, and Mike O'Sullivan in Los Angeles gave responses from African-Americans in particular, and from a spectrum of fans from all over California. O'Sullivan also reported on the early planning of the memorial service in Los Angeles; the emotion-charged service itself on Tuesday, 7 July (with related video by Chris Simkins); and the aftermath, with fans still coming to Los Angeles from far afield to honor the departed singer.

More general radio reports were provided by Ed Kowalski, who focused on Jackson's broad appeal across racial and cultural boundaries, and by Chris Simkins, who wrote of the widespread shock and outpouring of tributes from around the world following the 50-year-old Jackson's sudden and unexpected death. And on VOA's Hip Hop Connection, host Rod Murray and his guests paid tribute to the music superstar.

And finally, Deborah Block produced a TV feature on Jackson's death, including a tribute spoken by Berry Gordy, Jr., founder of the history-making record label, Motown Records.

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