Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bookmark for things to come.

After a period of retooling and reconsiderations, the VOAWM blog is back. There have been a number of exciting developments in recent days, to be noted here in a variety of ways.

Most importantly, the VOAMusic blog, which in the past has focused on the fine work done by my colleagues at VOA, will now be incorporated into the VOAWorldMusic blog in the interests of efficiency and expanded focus.

In addition, shorter posts--with a range of discoveries of interesting Websites as well as news developments--will become regular.

And all of this is in the hope of encouraging greater interaction with the audience--who until now has been reticent to share thoughts or discoveries. So here is my request to anyone who reads this: Please take just a moment to send along whatever musical thoughts or treasures you have, so that we all and celebrate them.

With best wishes,


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